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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Email To Japan.Tsunami.Honorary.Pledge@gmail.com


Thank you for everyone who has emailed me and showed his/her appreciation. First and foremost, I need to thank Steve from Idc-online.com. Since Steve has mentioned my campaign in his weekly newsletter, my website has seen an increase in visitors.

From his newsletter:

Japanese Tsunami Disaster
Peter Chan, one of the 80,000 odd readers of these notes, has put together a great pledge for the victims of the Japanese natural disaster. He says: ’The recent natural disaster in Japan has really moved me and prompted me to start a pledge campaign for the victims in Japan. My idea is to ask for website owners to donate part of their pay-per-click incomes to Japanese Red Cross. This pledge is strictly honorary and I do not take money from any one. I have created a blog to track all the participating websites and a pledge logo for website owners to post on their websites’. http://japanreliefpledge.blogspot.com
I don’t know about you; but this is applicable to anyone. Whether it is the Queensland floods, or the NZ Christchurch earthquake disaster or the Japanese Tsunami – every little bit of help is fantastic.

I would like to ask all my readers to pass on the pledge message. A lot of people tell me that they support the Japan Relief pledge, but they do not feel comfortable telling their friends that they have donated and want their friends to do the same.

It is OK. Just copy and paste the pledge logo to your email signature. That is enough to remind your friends to pledge for Japan.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

An Open Letter to all Website Operators and Internet Users

As Japan’s unprecedented natural and nuclear disasters unfold, Japan becoming desperately in need of supports from other countries. The recent devastating video footages and pictures have shown that how sudden we human beings can lose everything in a matter of few seconds. These powerful images have deeply moved me and prompted me to utilize my only talent-that is creating websites that create a momentum for pledges among our local communities.

This website helps you tell your friends and families that you have donated and challenge them to do the same.

If you are an internet user:
Please support the current relief effort by donating to American/Canadian Red Cross and Challenge people you know to do the same by posting this website's pledge logo in your facebook profile or in your email signature. 

    "Put in your own message"

If you are a website operator/ Webmaster:
Consider donate part of your website income to the Japan earthquake relief fund via American or Canadian Red Cross. Please observe all the terms and conditions with your advertisement providers.

To summarize, in addition to the monetary donation to the earthquake’s victims, I believe this honorary pledge will bring two benefits.
1. Promote your website’s visibility – attract even more traffic to your website.
2. Promote your website’s goodwill

If you are interested to participate, please send your website address as a comment to this post

Peter Chan

Picture Credit: noonablog.com